John Reid Sculptures

While studying graphic design back in the early 1970s, I took several minors in fine art and I became keenly interested in sculpture. With my 40 year career in corporate graphics behind me now, making the transition from designer to artist was not a difficult choice. Clay is a natural medium for me as my partner is a potter and her studio is at my disposal. I live on Salt Spring Island, a small island off the Canadian west coast and it should be no surprise that nature is my primary inspiration. Tidal pools, shore lines and local flora and fauna are either captured in glazes or take on supporting roles in my work. Every day is an exercise in observation and experimentation. My ceramic work is an exploration of various hand building techniques using clay in slab form or as paper clay and often as liquid clay (slip). Mixed media is how I describe my work. Typically the ceramic piece is the focal point of a project but during the creative process, “found” objects will present themselves and become the cornerstone of the piece in interesting and often whimsical ways.

The firing process also plays a significant role in the end results of each ceramic piece. All my work is salt fired in an atmospheric kiln to cone 10. I expect to continue employing mixed media in my finished pieces. I find the process of discovering and implementing found objects to be as exciting and integral to the finished piece as the ceramics itself.