Building The Kiln

Mudpuppy Studios has built a 15 cubic foot propane fired salt/soda kiln. This process took about 18 months including procuring the gas permit from the Province of British Columbia. A hands on inspection had to be booked after all the construction was completed and trouble shooting by a certified gas fitter.

The process began with the construction of a concrete pad that would be able to hold the weight of the kiln. 6000 pounds of concrete was hand mixed and poured as the concrete truck could not make it up the lane. A post and beam open-walled structure was built over the pad and next to an existing single-car garage and a  tin roof was installed to keep everything nice and dry.

The kiln was then put up one brick at a time in preparation for the catenary arch. The structure was left to cure for about a week then the arch and vermiculite as well as fibrefax insulation was installed.The chimney/damper was constructed to the roof line, cut through then to 13 feet height from ground level.

A welder came in to build the support structure.  As I live in an earthquake zone a frame was built around the chimney to the top. I am by the ocean with salty air so the burners had to be removable, otherwise any metal component would rust out promptly. The burners are removed and stored between firings. The welder constructed a cradle to hold the burners during firing. The door was installed and the kiln was ready for it’s 1st firing. This occurred on April 19th 2016. The kiln fires to Cone 10 which is 2350F.

Building The Kiln, Mudpuppy